Artist Statement

As an Encaustic artist, I apply a fired torch to fuse together beeswax, resin, pigment and shellac to create abstracts inspired by the world around me. I believe being a creative gives me a different way to express what the human heart feels yet struggles to communicate. This ancient art form is bold, revealing and very unique. I hope the art I create will entice those who view it to explore the depth and layers of my work.

Artist Bio

Jodie Stejer is an Encaustic artist: applying a fired torch to fuse together beeswax, resin, pigments and shellac to create abstract paintings inspired by the emotions within her as well as the world around her.

Jodie moved from her hometown of Corvallis, Oregon to play volleyball and attend Whitworth University. After college she married her husband John, had two kids and worked as an Interior Designer for over 20 years. Oil and acrylic painting had always been a hobby, but upon becoming an “empty nester” Jodie knew she wanted to pursue Encaustic art full time.

She moved into a studio in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho. Layer by layer, letting the aesthetics take place, she allows the stories of her world to reveal themselves. It’s the most vulnerable way for Jodie to communicate to her audience.

Encaustic painting is a passion which Jodie is continually engaged in and captivated by. She’s deeply fascinated with the movement of wax, the process of constantly developing her encaustic skills and also learning from the artist community.

History of Encaustic

Greek (enkaustikos)

"To Burn In"

Encaustic painting is a technique developed by Greek ship builders who used hot wax to patch holes in their ships. As early as the 5th Century B.C. pigment was added and an art form originated. Encaustic is the layering of beeswax and damar resin with pigments, fusing each layer together with a torch. Wax takes about 12 months to cure and does not need to be protected with varnish or glass. Beeswax is impervious to moisture and will not yellow, darken or mold. It is the most durable of all paints.